Executive Board Members

Michael Callegri


Michael has served on the NEW state board since October 2012 and I am the president of the NEW San Joaquin County. My vision for NEW: PATHS is to be an integral part of the State board and continuance of its excellent services that provides members of this state.

Tomeka Runner

Vice President

 This experience has enhanced my leadership skills and has given me the opportunity to network with various individuals with in the Human Service occupation.

Teneisha Runner


My vision for NEW is to be able to bridge the gap among all of us, and bring together a collective unity of respect, professional communication, and bring acknowledgement to those who serve their communities diligently.

Gwen Gregg


My vision for NEW: PATHS is to provide the workers of Human Services the opportunity to develop and achieve their professional goals. Give them resources and training's that will enhance their ability to do their job on a day to day basis and to network and learn from all those around them.

Shahid Mohammed

Executive Committee Member 

I am a Human Services Specialist II in Sacramento County since 2016. I also am the Vice President of the Sacramento Chapter of New Paths.

My vision for NEW PATHS is to be able to help other Human Service workers achieve their professional goals by providing resources and training in both life/job skills and to help them network with others throughout California.

Silvia Acevedo

Executive Committee Member

Being a part of NEW has given me the opportunity to network with people in the same or similar professions. I enjoy hearing how different Counties implement changes in regulations and their counties approach to the never ending changes without our programs.

Laura Hardt

Executive Committee Member


State Board Members

Sophia Hicks

Hello my name is Sophia Hicks and I am one of the newest Board Members for the California State Chapter New Board. I am currently employed with the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance as an Eligibility Specialist.

I graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Home of the Salukis. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Management and a Masters in Workforce Education with a specialization in Human Resource Management.

James Juanitas

Hello, my name is James Juanitas. I am a member-at-Large from the NEW PATHS Sacramento Valley Chapter. I recently retired after 23 years with Sacramento County where in the past I had worked in the Child Support Services; Health Services; and Human Services Departments as an Office Clerk; Fiscal Clerk; Eligibility Worker; Human Services Specialist and Fiscal Supervisor.


My Vision for NEW PATHS is helping to provide and make available to all Human Service Employee the best possible training and resources in order to help them achieve their Processional Goals so that they in turn can help to improve the lives of others in our Society.

Andres (Endy) Rosario

My vision for NEW is for all employed in the field of social services to help people and improve their lives of others by providing training, techniques, skills, motivations, and everything in our power to make them better in the future.

Ana Carlson

Hello everyone, my name is Ana Carlson and I am the President of the Sacramento County Valley New PATHS.  I am currently employed with the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance as an Eligibility Supervisor.   I joined NEW PATHS in 2005 when I was hired as an Eligibility Specialist.


My vision for NEW PATHS is to be able to integrate the best of customer services  and professionalism to all in the social services in the State of California.

Robin Jones

I have worked for San Joaquin County Human Services Agency almost 20 years in eligibility. I’ve spent the last seven years in eligibility supervision. I am currently the San Joaquin County NEW:PATHS Chapter Treasurer. I joined the State Board during the 2019 State Training Conference.  I am one of the newest board members. I hope to learn from the other board members and assist in any way possible. I look forward to serving the board and helping to find new ways for all of us to network until we can gather once again.  


Marcos Villanueva

I have worked for Marin County Health and Human Services Agency- Public Assistance Division for 3 years. I joined the State Board after the 2019 State Training Conference.  I am a new board member and look forward to learning, helping, and working with my fellow board members. My hope is to get a chapter founded and up and running in Marin County. Still I am excited to be a board member and even more excited at the opportunity to stay connected and engaged with all our members across the state.   




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NEW PATHS – California State Chapter