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Greetings and salutations:

Well, another year has gone by and now it’s time for another message from the President. This time I’m shaking things up with a good old fashioned note (keyboard and computer….ahh technology haha).

As I sit and write this, I am thinking of our NEW: PATHS Mission Statement, Purpose and Values. It is my desire and hope that your State Board and I are meeting the task of Strengthening Human Services Professionals throughout our beautiful State. As we meet and plan our next training Conference, our minds are steadfastly on expanding your education,  collaboration, growth and development both professionally and personally. We are constantly trying to make sure we are at the forefront of new program information, polices, and procedures changes that we face as Human Services professionals.

Without getting into too much detail (You’ve got to come to the conference to get more), I can tell you that your State Board is exploring new areas and opportunities to ensure that we are promoting your professional identity and integrity, by networking in unchartered areas.

We are striving hard to show our integrity in all our endeavors. We have a board filled with lots of amazing and creative individuals that exceed and excel is AMAZING teamwork and of course fun times.

Your Board works hard to make sure our website is up to date, pleasing to look at, and has information that is useful to you in your daily work life. If there is anything professional you would like to see on your website, please let us know through our Contact Us Page. We know a lot of changes are going on and each County is working their best to meet the requests of our Communities. Sharing is caring and knowledge is Power, so feel free to share!

In closing, I hope that you take the time to scroll through our Website and keep in touch with us also

through our Facebook page. I look forward to seeing you in Sonoma County in January 2020 for our annual conference.

Until the next time, “To infinity and Beyond”, I wish you good fortune for the rest of the year and hope that life treats you kind.


Nothing old, everything new! - Come join us!





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NEW PATHS – California State Chapter